Truck Freight (LTL and FTL)


If you are shipping to US from Canada it is important that all your customs & shipping documents are properly completed. When shipping to US, the key documents you need are: Commercial Invoice , Certificate of Origin; and a Straight Bill of Lading In the case of special commodities (such as perishable goods) or for special circumstances (such as returning imported goods), other Customs forms may be required (for additional information please consult with your customs broker).

When shipping to US a Commercial Invoice is necessary for all shipments. It is the prime document used for reporting. A NAFTA Certificate of Origin is required for all shipments that qualify under the NAFTA Rules of Origin. Qualifying goods with a valid certificate of origin will enter the country duty free. A qualified US customs broker can help to ensure that you are compliant with customs regulations. When you ship to the US, your customs broker can determine if your product qualifies under the NAFTA agreement and assist you with any other customs related issues. A straight Bill of Lading is a document that lists the goods you’ll be shipping to US from Canada and specifies the terms of their transport. A straight Bill of Lading also serves as a receipt for the goods, a contract for the transport of the goods, and a document of title showing that the person in possession of the bill has title to the goods.

All of these forms are available online here and to help you complete the necessary forms, we have included information with each document. When shipping to US we’re here to help.